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3 Things We Look For When Hiring A Journeyman Electrician

We have available jobs for journeyman electricians, and we’re looking for individuals who have the right qualities to join our growing company. You may have seen your fair share of electricians who work a little less than the rest of their crew. I can tell you, that’s not how it goes at Knobelsdorff. Here are three things we look for when we’re hiring a journeyman electrician.  

Work Ethic

What we look For in A Jorneyman

First things first, our journeymen have to be able to put in a solid day’s work. Electrical work is hard work, and it’s also rewarding to work. Knobelsdorff is a merit shop, meaning we have a different take on wages, opportunities for career advancement, and allowing overtime work than what you would experience elsewhere. Here, your work ethic has an impact.


The majority of our work is project-based, which means our journeymen are working on-site within a ground crew. When it comes to journeyman electrician qualifications, teamwork should always rank high on the list. It’s important to be able to work together, communicate, and contribute to the project at hand.

Commitment to Quality

Quality work is about going above and beyond what needs to be done. Completing a job with messy wiring might not affect its electrical function, but it can affect the way our clients view our work. To them, sloppy wiring can look like sloppy work. We want to hire electricians who care about quality electrical work and the larger picture of the project.

One of the things that make KE such a great place to work is the reputation our company has within the industry, with our clients, and within the communities we serve. And our journeyman electricians are a big part of helping us maintain that reputation.

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