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Advantages of Working With KEI

Now more than ever, having a job you look forward to going to can make a big impact. This can be anything from having a group of coworkers you get along with or working with a Project Manager who treats you like you’re your own person. In my experience, it’s safe to say that liking your job is quite the employee perk. And, it’s something we believe is very important.

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Growing With Your Company

Knobelsdorff Electric has been providing industrial electric and controls services to a vast range of industries for over three decades. During that time, we’ve continued to hire new employees and expand our employee benefits to better suit the needs of our growing company.

As a company, we established an outstanding reputation with our customers and within the communities we serve. Throughout the years, we’ve continued to build that reputation and keep it a positive one.


In addition to project work where we provide project management, electrical design, fabrication, installation, programming, testing, start-up, and ongoing support services, we’re also active in the communities we serve.

We provide day-to-day electrical support and serve in many of our customers’ facilities. This involves tackling the small projects that come up, as well as the large. Plus, we provide 24/7/365 service both on-site and remotely and will respond quickly to any emergency that might crop up. This, combined with our residential electrical services, helps us develop longstanding working relationships throughout the community.


Knobelsdorff Electric continues to be a safety-driven company. We always stay up-to-date on the latest safety information, and we bring this knowledge and expertise into every project and job we complete. Whatever a project involves, we have the resources to get the job done and the safety precautions in place to get it done safely.

Are you interested in joining a growing, family-owned company with strong community ties and a focus on safety? View our open positions or apply now:

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