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Customer Spotlight Bay State Milling and Knobelsdorff

For a little over a year, KE has been fortunate to work on a variety of projects for Bay State Milling (BSM) in Tolleson, AZ. The KE team has worked with BSM Director of Manufacturing Steve Matson in the past, dating all the back to 2005. 

CEO/President of KE Karl von Knobelsdorff said this of BSM, "BSM is our people -- easy going, nice people, and we have a lot of fun working with them. Yes, it's work, but it's fun work. Our people put out the best because we know that BSM is bringing forward the best."

KE is currently working on an E-3 flour mill expansion and a new rail receiving/unloading system. Karl and BSM Project Manager Drew Teigland recently met up at the BSM Arizona location to review projects in motion. 

We asked Drew to tell us a bit more about BSM and why he chooses to work with KE:

  • What does BSM do?
    Provide innovative Plant-Based food ingredients to customers looking for more.
  • Why do you work in this industry/what’s your favorite thing about it?
    Food ingredient demands continue to change & evolve, which is fun to respond to and find the right solution. It’s also a small margin industry, so engineering innovative ideas to maintain competitive advantages makes it fun.
  • What sets BSM apart from others?
    We respond and challenge ourselves to find solutions to customer’s unique scenarios, but also try to be forward-thinking and offer products that customers didn’t know they needed.
  • What are you most excited about (business-wise) for the next year?
    This project is enabling us to launch our most innovative new product, HealthSense™ high fiber wheat flour, which will be a healthy game changes for wheat-based foods.
  • Why did you chose/continue to choose KE as a solution?
    Working with a partner that can provide turn-key design, engineering, & executable product that knows the industry and can be nimble & deliver what I want with the insight to provide the latest industry products and specs.
  • What’s the one trait you look for when working with a vendor/partner? 
  • Anything else? 
    KE is easy to work with. The team is like us, competitors wanting to do their jobs at the highest level but still remembering to enjoy the ride. I highly recommend KE for electric and engineering needs. 
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