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Now Hiring: Electrical Engineer With Electrical Construction Experience

We’re currently seeking an experienced Electrical Engineer to join the Knobelsdorff Team. Individuals with a desire to solve unique problems, handle projects from beginning to end, and be an essential part of our team are encouraged to apply. Here are a few more details about the position.

Position Details

Now Hiring With Experience

At Knobelsdorff Engineering, engineers design based on information they’ve learned from their team members and also the information they’ve gathered themselves from field visits. In addition to working in an office, our Electrical Engineers visit the job sites to get the big picture of what they're working on.

Electrical Construction Experience

The project work is based on electrical construction, which includes electrical distribution systems. It’s not just sitting behind a desk and handing off designs. Our Electrical Engineers are part of the construction team. They're not just on the front end getting all the engineering work in order. Instead, they're a part of the design/build process, collaborating with different teams to get the project done. Our work is collaborative, and our engineers get to see the final result of their work.

Even within collaborative project work, there is still plenty of time and space for independent work. Electrical engineer positions have a great deal of autonomy to them, which includes the freedom to plan one’s days and organize one’s workflow. We support and encourage independent work, as that’s how some work best.  

Custom Project Work

Projects typically run anywhere from six to eighteen months, but longer and shorter projects come up too. Our project work is custom, so having prior electrical construction experience is essential. We view our Electrical Engineers as dynamic problem solvers, especially on our larger projects.

This position provides opportunities to grow in multiple directions and do custom design work. If you’re an electrical engineer with project management experience or one who’s looking to develop that area of your skillset, we encourage you to apply.

Company Culture

Over the years, Knobelsdorff has developed a culture of strong work ethic, communication, and teamwork. Each employee brings something unique and essential to the team, and our electrical engineers are no different. As a family-owned and operated company, we know the importance of putting in a day’s work and supporting each other.   

We pride ourselves on completing excellent work. We don’t stop at “good enough” on our project work, our processes, or our professional development. We encourage our employees to develop their skills and grow within the company into more senior positions or positions that complement their interests.  

Our customers have come to know and expect a high level of proficiency when they work with us, and our employees rise to each occasion. An electrical engineer who joins our team will help us continue to meet those high standards and maintain our reputation within the communities we serve.

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