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Meritorious Achievement Award

"Every day in Minnesota, about 100 workers get injured or ill to the point that they can't go back to their job the next day," Paul Aasen, president of the Minnesota Safety Council. "Congratulations to KEI for their hard work to make sure their employees are not part of this statistic."

What Is The Governor's Safety Award?

The Governor's Safety Awards recognition is part of the 85th annual Minnesota Safety & Health Conference, coordinated by the Minnesota Safety Council. The conference is the oldest and one of the largest gatherings of workplace safety and health professionals in the region. The Minnesota Safety Council, founded in 1928, is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Minnesota by preventing unintentional injuries.

Applicants are judged on several years of injury data as it compares with their industry's national statistics, and on their progress in implementing a comprehensive safety program. Winners are recognized at three levels:

  • Meritorious Achievement (170 winners): Incidence rates that are better than the industry average for at least three years, and a score between 50 and 74 on a 100-point safety program evaluation scale.
  • Outstanding Achievement (83 winners): Continuing improvement and/or a continuing outstanding record with incident rates that are 51%-90% better than the industry average, and a score between 75 and 90 on the safety program evaluation scale.
  • Award of Honor (41 winners): Incidence rates at least 91% better than the industry average, and a score between 91and 100 on the safety program evaluation scale.

Safety First

At Knobelsdorff Electric, we believe worker safety is the first priority. We can't continue to do great work if our employees are not at their best. This is why we have set safety precautions in place, and why we take these precautions very seriously.

It is our responsibility as a business to take care of everyone who is employed with us. Our workers are not disposable, they are extremely valuable. They are humans. Because of this, we put a lot of time and resources into making sure our company is held to high standards of safety.

Winning the Meritorious Achievement Award is such an honor, and truly a reflection of our commitment to worker safety. We take great pride in providing sustainable working conditions and improving the quality of life for those in this field.

At Knobelsdorff Electric, we look forward to continuously enhancing our safety protocol and decreasing overall injuries year after year. 

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