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What Dairy Companies Need to Know About Automation and Controls

Automation in the dairy industry is nothing new. Since the 1990s, automation has contributed to increased efficiencies within plants producing cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and more. But today's automation capabilities are far greater than what you'd see decades ago.

Automation technology can test for product abnormalities and detect issues at the earliest stages. From every angle, increasing profitability is all in a day's work for automation systems.

From Farm to Factory

Once the milk truck reaches a dairy plant, automation kicks in. 

Every type of dairy processing requires a unique approach, and there is so much that can go wrong with dairy processing. Maintaining accurate temperatures at each stage of milk processing is crucial for product quality and consistency.

Automation upgrades offer a cost-efficient way for dairy processors to deliver high-quality products. Although more manual methods still work, they are less reliable and less profitable. The goal is to reduce processing costs through automation efficiency and repeatable processing results.

The dairy industry is one of the least automated industries, meaning it has the most to gain by embracing updated, sophisticated technologies. Additional automation upgrades will help dairy processing plants overcome challenges more effectively.

Automating Manual Tasks

When it comes to dairy processing, maintaining product consistency through accurate measurements and control is a top priority.

Delivering safe, high-quality products isn't just a goal, it's the expectation. Implementing automation into processing facilities increases consistency by minimizing opportunities for error.

Dairy professionals with an intricate knowledge of production are essential to dairy processing, but they're often tied up in identifying and troubleshooting day-to-day issues instead of focusing on projects that increase profits. Updated control systems can automate previously manual tasks and free up valuable time to focus on larger, more impactful projects. 

Customization for Ease

KEI has extensive experience working with customers and creating custom control systems to increase a plant's efficiency and reduce costs.

Dairy Automation

For industrial automation to work seamlessly, you need people with experience relevant to your industry. From knowing the industry and mapping out the process to building the panels and creating operational descriptions of the process, there are endless opportunities for something to go wrong. No plant is the same, and automation and control systems don't work as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Working with an experienced provider from the very beginning ensures operators don't have to waste company time trying to figure things out. Implementing custom control technology will help you ensure success.

The Bottom Line

Technology doesn't take over important jobs in dairy processing, but automation allows for more repeatable and successful business practices. Minimizing errors and supporting production consistency increase operational efficiency. 

From sanitization and improving product quality to enhancing workflow and increasing output, KEI has seen the difference updated factory automation can make, especially when it is tailored to specific needs.

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