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In the early 1980s, in a small garage on a plot of family-owned Minnesota farmland, Knobelsdorff Electric began. Back then, it was a single-electrician operation, serving local agricultural and light industrial facilities. The company’s commitment to excellence and ability to deliver on their promises quickly caught the attention of customers.

As the reputation of the Knobelsdorff brand grew, so too did the business. Soon, when more equipment, vehicles, and manpower were needed, their cramped backyard garage no longer suited the company’s growing capabilities. In 1990, the first electrical shop was built.

Father and Son

30+ Years of Helping Industries Run Smarter

Over the past three decades, we’ve seen our people, process, and clients grow more than we could have imagined. We credit our team of professionals for this — their ability to live the KE Way helps set us apart from anyone in the industry. Because of them, the Knobelsdorff name is known for its expertise and the ability to tackle even the most extreme project challenges.

With our team’s hard work and dedication, KE has experienced rapid success, and we’ve officially changed our name to Knobelsdorff. Now with four powerful divisions — Automation, Electric, Energy and Power Services. This helps us grow, expand, and align with the ever-changing needs of our customers and the communities we serve.

We started as an electrical contracting company, and now we are much more than that. Knobelsdorff’s new divisions hold the same dedication and core values as we have since 1988. Today, KE is better suited to solve your problems in whichever industry you are in with the uncommon sense, fun energy, and positive attitude that we’ve had since day one. We are Knobelsdorff and this is the KE Way.

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When you join KE, you come first. We invest in the growth and happiness of our people, which in turn is an investment into the growth and happiness of our company. We grow as our people grow.
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