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Honoring Our Veterans 11/11/19

Posted by Knobelsdorff

On Wednesday October 16th Josh Moffett and Dan Steinbruckner surprised Karl (President/CEO) with the presentation of the ESGR Patriotic Employer Award. This award is specified for contributing to National Security and Protecting Liberty and Freedom by supporting Employee Participation in America's National Guard and Reserve Force.

As Karl was accepting the award, he had some time to speak on the award and the meaning it has to him. He mentioned the importance of supporting not only Josh and Dan, but all our military members who go and take sacrifices so the rest of us don't have to. They've all seen a lot and went through a lot for us to have the freedoms and opportunities that we have. Humbled and honored, Karl stated "...we owe it to you, you're the ones who deserve the awards, not me."

It's the selflessness of Karl and our KE family that can offer a level of support to those who give back in the biggest ways. It's what we're built around and what makes us successful. At the end of the day it’s about caring for our team and lending a hand whenever it's needed; in the field, at the office, at home and overseas.

On behalf of Karl and the KE team we want to thank Josh and Dan for not only submitting him for this award, but for the hard work and sacrifices they've made to ensure our safety and freedom.

We also want to take the time to recognize all the Veterans that we have within the KE family. Whether they are a part of the staff or family of our Knobelsdorff team members, we want to honor them and the sacrifices they’ve made for us. 

It is easy for us to take things for granted; our jobs, our family, our hobbies, etc. It’s our responsibility to take a step back, realize what we have, and be grateful for the opportunities we are given. Our family of Veterans, and the Veterans across the country deserve more than just a day of recognition. We should take a moment every day and understand that we, the citizens of the greatest country on earth, have what we have because of the brave, selfless, and strong individuals that do what not all of us can do. We can thank and say all the good things we want about the individuals that make the sacrifices, but often that isn’t enough. We can all donate, volunteer, and reach out in whatever way we can to help the men and women that protect our freedoms. There are foundations to donate to, Veteran hospitals to volunteer your time at, and programs that allow you to reach out to those in need. Whatever we can do, it’s our responsibility to give back. Although we may not have experienced what they have experienced, we can do our best by giving back what we can.

If you are a Veteran or an active service member reading this, know that there are people out there that would be honored to listen and lend you a helping hand. There are programs that are established to help you and what you may be going through. There is no shame in reaching out for help, we are very thankful for what our military does and has done for us, and to us these giving back opportunities are our way of saying thank you.

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