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We’re surrounded by agriculture at our headquarters in rural Minnesota. That may be why we’ve partnered with so many agribusinesses for everything from grain elevators and fertilizer plants to feed and flour mills. We have designed and implemented specialized electrical and controls systems to automate facilities, improve safety and drive efficiency to bolster profit margins in these highly competitive commodity industries. 

Whether you’re crushing, milling or blending, we cover every detail

From grain elevators and fertilizer plants to feed and flour mills, Knobelsdorff has designed and implemented specialized electrical and controls systems for some of the best-known names in agribusiness. With the experience and expertise we bring to these projects, our customers also rely on us for all scopes of project work including ongoing facility maintenance.

Grain Elevators

As an electrical contractor, we’ve completed numerous green field grain elevator projects. Our experience allows us to bring a higher level of attention to detail that goes beyond the basic electrical needs of a grain elevator facility. This includes outfitting facilities with state-of-the-art security and camera systems to keep their people, products, and premises safe. Depending on the needs of each individual customer, we can include additional systems as well.

Feed Mills

As feed mills continue to evolve, we continue to design, outfit, and automate new facilities. We also upgrade existing facilities. The buildings are coming in different shapes and sizes, and there’s a lot that goes into them. Our feed mill customers need an electrical contractor who can handle all of the electric motors, controls, and lighting within facilities, and that’s just the beginning.

Flour Mills

When it comes to flour mills, the old ways of setting up a facility just aren’t cutting it. The industry as a whole is continuing to evolve, and facilities need to evolve along with it. In the milling industry, competition is at an all-time high, and the ability to process more products in less time has never been more important. As the industry continues to evolve, facilities equipped with the most efficient machinery and capabilities will be the most successful in achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Just take a look at our most recent milling project, the Mendota ADM facility. Not only is the facility the USA’s largest flour mill constructed at one time, it’s also designed to be one of the most efficient. The facility can mill numerous types of wheat, is outfitted with the latest and greatest monitoring and quality control equipment, and it’s complete with a 30,000-square foot warehouse designed for efficient packing. In terms of innovation, ADM is on the leading edge with its newest facility.

Liquid and Dry Fertilizer Plants

We’re accustomed to tackling fertilizer projects from start to finish. Our electrical design build services ensure all projects start off on the right foot, and fertilizer projects are no different. We can adapt our electrical design to suit the overall shape and design of each mill. In a similar way, we also design automation and controls technology to work with the most efficient processing workflow for the building. Whether your fertilizer project is more traditional or highly complex, we have the experts and the resources to design, outfit, and automate your new facility.

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