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Experience and Understanding for Safety and Productivity

From our very first day in business more than 30 years ago, Knobelsdorff has partnered with food processing and beverage production companies. Dozens of customers rely on us for new facilities, process lines, automation & controls, general maintenance and emergency services. Safety and productivity are always top-of-mind, and our deep understanding of sanitary operations and protocols provide our customers peace of mind, knowing their plant is in good hands with KE.

Food & Beverage Markets

New build, expansion or maintenance, we manage for efficiency; we do what it takes to meet aggressive timetables. Our long list of project examples ranges from food ingredient manufacturing to dairy products to bottling and canning.

Food Ingredients

We have numerous customers providing a broad spectrum of ingredients to other food and beverage processors. In some cases, these once local companies are now owned and managed by multi-national corporations. The complexity of working in some of these facilities and complying with the requirements they place on contractors can be daunting. In all cases, we have risen to these challenges and become a key resource to them when planning process changes, additions, expansions or scheduled maintenance. One of our strong attributes is our ability to efficiently manage plant shutdowns and turnarounds. There have been many cases where KE has worked 24-hour days on end to meet the customer's aggressive timetable.

Cheese Processing

Whether it’s block, shredded, dried or any other variation, KE has been working in this food sector for many years and many different customers. Our involvement has been everything from brand new plants, where we worked on the front end to help the customer develop a sound and efficient plan for electrical services, to process line expansion and plant maintenance. Our knowledge of how to work in sanitary environments has been a big plus for many customers, avoiding having to provide specialized training at the front end or having concerns that there is a lack of understanding of the protocol.

Ice Cream Processing

One longtime customer of Knobelsdorff is a high-volume producer of boxed ice cream and ice cream products. Working in this facility has presented many challenges, including the ability to work long days indoors in a sub-zero environment. Although the KE team is used to working outdoors in all seasons, cold indoor conditions present their own challenges, moving up and down ladders to work platforms and sometimes facing tight conditions, all with bulky cold weather gear on. Of course, working in any food processing facility requires following strict protocol for cleanliness, control of tools, fasteners and any other loose items that may become entrained in the process. Adherence to Best Manufacturing Practices and following specialized requirements for each customer ensures their confidence in KE and relieves them of the need to worry about their products and processes when we are working in their facility.

Milk Processing

Having begun business deep in the heart of dairy country in Minnesota, KE knows more than a bit about this business sector. We began working on local dairy farms providing typical electrical services for these small but important customers. Today, KE serves many of the biggest milk processors in the region and has become a relied upon provider of services for these customers. Because we understand their industry, they know we can be relied upon to help plan strategic and rapid plant shutdowns and respond to any emergency they may have any hour of the week, any day of the year. We understand the perishable and sensitive nature of our customer's processes and products and work hard with them to ensure they are confident with our service.

Protein and By-Product Processing

Protein and by-product processing facilities across the U.S. rely on our expertise to feed the world. Knobelsdorff has been a key player for them in assisting in expanding process lines and providing critical maintenance when problems occur. We pride ourselves on being able to do what others can’t and will go out of our way to get a customer up and running as fast as possible. We have many examples of failed motors, breakers or other critical components where we have been able to locate and expedite the replacement and get it installed with minimum delay. KE provides this service 24/7/365. We do what it takes.

Specialty Processing

It's all about process. From bakeries to canning, Knobelsdorff takes the time and energy to understand specialty processing processes. Controlling for quality is a never-ending effort. There’s a lot that can go wrong when it comes to manufacturing consumables, making quality control extremely important. Every facility manages quality a little differently. Quality might be the responsibility of a single person, an entire department, or it can be built into the individual tasks performed by employees on-the-line. We do what it takes to ensure quality standards and safety is adhered to.

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