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Tailored Solutions for the Modern Greenhouse

We’ve grown alongside our customers by understanding the complexities of modern greenhouse facilities. We work with you to develop electrical systems that meet your needs today but also accommodate future expansion. We’ll look to understand how you work so we can put electrical equipment in places that reduce the risk of physical damage and deterioration. It’s all part of our goal to go beyond the construction phase to meet the project's needs for its lifetime.

Growing to Meet Demands

Lighting and climate control are critical to the success of modern greenhouses. Yes, we can help with that and much more.

At Knobelsdorff, we provide customized solutions for modern greenhouse growers to help them achieve maximum yields and profitability. Our extensive experience in this industry enables us to offer a comprehensive range of services specifically designed to address the unique challenges greenhouse growers face.

Our lighting and energy solutions are top-notch and tailored to each client's needs. We understand that different crops require specific lighting and environmental conditions. Our team of experts can work with you to design and install systems that will provide optimal conditions for your crops.

We will also provide you with advanced analytics and monitoring expertise to help your business track and analyze energy usage, identify areas for improvement, and optimize systems for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Our dedicated team at Knobelsdorff is committed to helping you achieve success in your greenhouse operations. We are here to provide customized solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Fruit, Vegetables and Cannabis

Greenhouses are not designed and wired like anything else – they need more power than most. Medium voltage power to be exact. When engineering, designing, installing and commissioning a greenhouse, KE considers climate control, pollination, external elements beyond control, lighting type and the diversity of plants with specific needs. We understand the needs of our customers, and we know power.  

Medium and high voltage are different from normal power distribution – it’s not only bigger but also more intense and requires a different startup procedure. Medium voltage is from 1,000 to 72,000 volts and high voltage is 72,500 to 230,000 volts. For greenhouses, building based on medium voltage is much more cost-effective and won’t require as many conduits and conductors to facilitate the power demand. With special tools, skilled labor and procedures, KE has what it takes to complete this type of installation. 

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