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Industrial Processing & Manufacturing Project

Our broad and deep experience in industrial processing and manufacturing applications allows our team to hit the ground running no matter the job. We’ve partnered with clients involved in everything from machined parts and high-tech electronics to building products and steel foundries. KE provides all manner of electrical power services, including engineering & design, repair & manufacturing, and field testing. We provide the expertise, experience and people power to get the job done right and on time.

No matter what you produce, our experience makes the difference

Count on Knobelsdorff for any project you have planned for your facility. We can build or improve electrical systems, automate custom processes or provide a host of other services to get the job done. With our broad experience in industrial processing and manufacturing applications, our team hits the ground running to deliver the electrical and controls package you need. Knobelsdorff has more than 30 years working in this sector under its belt, working with every manner of manufacturing and industrial customer.

Building Products

We regularly work with customers involved in the manufacture of a variety of building products. Outfitting a facility with the proper electrical systems can make a world of difference over a facility's lifetime. With our electrical design-build services, we take care of building product projects from start to finish. Plus, we design and develop custom automation and controls technology solutions that replace outdated control technology, as well as customers needing the expertise to handle outfitting brand new facilities.


One area of the manufacturing industry we regularly provide services to is electronic manufacturing clients. Our customers rely on us for electrical contracting services and automation and controls services to outfit their facilities for the manufacturing of thermal interface materials, semi-conductors and other related technologies.  We understand how these facilities operate, including clean room protocol and all other special requirements every unique manufacturer in this market sector has.


We work with several large heavy industry foundries. Servicing these plants involves a great deal of maintenance, encountering sometimes highly corrosive and dirty environments that require vigilance and a proactive approach to help these customers avoid critical and costly shutdowns. Foundry equipment and control systems can be very old, outdated and inefficient. We have been able to help our customers achieve advanced and safer electrical and control systems in an economical way, while incurring minimal downtime.

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