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Because Errors Are Not An Option

Mistakes don’t end well in the industries for renewable fuels and oil and gas. Which is why the companies that operate here turn to Knobelsdorff. Safety and seamless function are paramount, so our engineers, project managers and tradesmen are all trained and seasoned for these critical builds. We’ve designed and implemented complete electrical controls systems for refineries, ethanol and biodiesel plants, compressor stations, truck load-out racks, tank farms, transfer and pumping stations, or other facilities within these industries.

Refinery, ethanol plant, pumping station or something else, we leave no room for error

When one thinks of oil and gas, the first things that may come to mind are pipelines and refineries. We’ve worked with these operations. But we’ve also worked with an asphalt shingle recovery plant, chemical facilities that serve this industry and many more.

Soy Crushing Facilities

Starting with an accurate bid, preconstruction plan and flawless execution with an experienced team, KE takes the necessary time to understand a soy crushing project and processes involved. We focus on how to get things done correctly and how to set facilities up for future expansions.

Ethanol Plants

A revitalized market that boomed in 2009, KE has been a player in the electrical design and automation of ethanol plants. Our industry-leading QAQC is highly detailed. From understanding unique hazardous locations to conducting a dust hazard analysis (DHA) and Arc Flash Study, we partner with our customers through the reporting process, prioritizing to execution, and educating them along the way.

Asphalt Shingle Recovery

Designing and building new facilities to upgrade old ones, KE continues to keep up with technology for recycling asphalt shingles, and the extraction and recovery of liquid asphalt, asphalt cement, fiberglass & felt, mineral aggregates and mineral fillers to be reused in the shingle manufacturing and asphalt pavement industry. By becoming involved with projects early on, we can provide value in the design of all process and control systems. From the front-end through execution and final commissioning, we are there with our customers every step of the way.

Oil & Gas Pipeline Operations

Weather it be a long-term service contracts or project base; KE’s experience makes us an ideal partner the oil and gas pipeline operating industry. Service contracts provide peace of mind to the owners with KE providing electrical design & construction, emergency repair and consultation services on a break/fix basis, or as needed for preventative and predictive maintenance on specific projects. Our Project Managers, supervisors and crews are available 24/7/365 to ensure our customers have seamless, quick, and reliable service when trouble strikes.

Bulk Chemical Terminal

KE provides everything from pumping stations, barge unloaders, bulk liquid chemicals and flammables, dry material, reviewing existing plant electrical systems, and making safety and compliance recommendations. Working with large to small chemical storage facilities, our experience with both tank farm and dry product containers allows us to provide our customers with solutions regarding rail and truck outbound shipments.

Sodium Methylate Plant

Production of sodium methylate plays a significant role in the stability and growth of the US biodiesel industry by providing an option for biodiesel producers to source their catalyst from a dependable, high-quality domestic producer. Construction of these plants requires extensive knowledge of hazardous electrical installations and careful classification of all areas of the plant. KE serves as a critical design partner and construction contractor, bringing operations online safely and on schedule from bare ground to first deliveries. Our meticulous documentation of all installations and ongoing maintenance sets up facilities for many years of successful operations.

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