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Knobelsdorff understands the complexities pet food companies face, from quality control to traceability, to sourcing. Similar to the food and beverage industry, safety and productivity are always at the forefront, and our understanding of sanitary operations and protocols provide our customers the confidence they deserve.

Quality. Consistency. Safety.

The pet food industry has grown tremendously, with pet owners demanding high-quality and safe food for their furry companions. As pet ownership continues to rise, the pet food industry is expected to grow even more. Consumers are increasingly interested in specialty diets, such as grain-free and raw food options.

The industry has stepped up to meet these demands. Like the food and beverage industry, it has established rigorous standards to ensure pet food products meet the highest quality, traceability, and safety levels.

One of the critical aspects of the pet food industry is traceability. Pet owners want to know where their pets' food ingredients come from, how they were sourced, and how they were handled during production.

The pet food industry follows strict sourcing guidelines to ensure all ingredients come from reliable and trustworthy sources.

Another critical aspect of the pet food industry is security. Like the food and beverage industry, pet food must ensure its products are free from contaminants and other harmful substances. 

This is achieved through rigorous quality control processes that involve testing raw materials, finished products, and the production environment to ensure they meet strict safety standards.

Partner With Knobelsdorff

At Knobelsdorff, we understand the importance of good manufacturing practices (GMPs) in the pet food industry. Consistency and safety are crucial to producing high-quality pet food products. 

That's why we work closely with pet food manufacturers to ensure that their facilities are designed and constructed to meet the highest levels of quality and safety.

Our team of engineers, builders, and maintenance professionals works together to create pet food facilities that are efficient but also safe and compliant with industry standards. 

We understand the processes involved in pet food production and have the expertise to help manufacturers optimize their operations to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our electrical construction and automation expertise allows us to maximize pet food production processes, increasing efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs.

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