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Pet Food

Knobelsdorff understands the complexities pet food companies face, from quality control to traceability, to sourcing. Similar to the food and beverage industry, safety and productivity are always at the forefront, and our understanding of sanitary operations and protocols provide our customers the confidence they deserve.

Quality. Consistency. Safety.

Pet food industry standards are comparable to the food and beverage industry – traceability, sourcing, security, and quality to name a few. And the processes used in the pet food industry are very similar to those in feed mills.  

KE has extensive knowledge in good manufacturing practice (GMP), and we understand the importance of ensuring all products involved within the pet food facilities are consistently and safely produced and controlled according to quality standards. It’s about the details and not taking shortcuts.  

We are a process-minded company with electrical construction and automation under one roof, and we are not here to just pull wire. Our teams work together to engineer, build and maintain facilities. We understand processes, and we know how to make pet food.  

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