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The Local and Economic Impact of The Mendota ADM Facility

In September 2019, local officials of Mendota, IL joined Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) in the celebration of a new, state-of-the-art flour mill. The result of multiple years and millions of dollars, it is a cutting-edge production facility to provide innovation within its industry and opportunity to the state of Illinois. 

Local Impacts

Supporting a Rural Economy

Here’s what Kevin Like, president of ADM Milling had to say regarding the facility’s opening,

“Our growth investment to design and build a cutting-edge production facility from the ground up highlights our commitment to growth for our customers, our shareholders, and the state of Illinois.

This high-tech mill offers unparalleled advantages, including the most up-to-date monitoring and quality-control equipment; swift and efficient packing and transportation options; and the ability to mill a wide array of wheat varieties to ensure we are meeting the needs of all of our customers across the Midwest.”

Introducing Local Jobs

Mendota, IL is located in the heart of the Illinois Valley. The city boasts a population of around 7,000 and is located 90 miles west of Chicago. The new ADM facility brings between 30 and 40 new jobs to the city. These jobs will vary from operations, production, sales, and utility. With the opening of the new facility, ADM is listed as one of Mendota’s major employers

In a city the size of Mendota, inducing new jobs has the potential to make a big impact. With more jobs comes more opportunity. People can earn a living wage, own homes, and build families.  Facilities like ADM’s new flour mill provide secure employment and incentive to grow communities.

About the New Facility

With their new, high-capacity facility, ADM seeks to realign its flour milling footprint in the United States and position its business to continue meeting customer needs throughout the region. The Mendota facility has a daily milling capacity of 30,000 cwt (US hundredweight), and the ability to unload 110-car shuttle trains.

As one of the world’s largest flour millers, ADM has a long history of leading-edge innovation. Having the opportunity to partner with ADM on this project and help bring increased economic opportunity to the city of Mendota has been a true honor. 

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