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Nautilus Solar Customer Spotlight | Knobelsdorff Enterprises

Knobelsdorff recently won the Pyramid Excellence in Construction award through Associated Builders Contractor (ABC), Minnesota/North Dakota Chapter for our 2019 Nautilus Solar Energy portfolio of projects.

KE’s relationship with Nautilus started as an electrical subcontractor three years ago and has grown to a full EPC role. In 2019, KE served as EPC and completed four projects totaling 15MW for Nautilus in Minnesota, providing all mechanical, electrical, civil construction, and commissioning services. The sites in Helen, Warsaw, Northfield, and Walcott, proved to be a challenge to complete, but we love nothing more than a good challenge. In total, Nautilus and Knobelsdorff have worked together on 41 MWs of solar projects.

Holly Crabill, project manager at Nautilus, has been working with KE for three years. Holly enjoys collaborating with the KE team and our dedication to our projects, and said, "Even in the dead of winter, KE performs well on site. Their extensive work experience, skillset, and expertise allow for an efficient team on site." 

We asked Holly a few questions about her work and why she works with KE:

  • What does Nautilus do?
    Nautilus Solar Energy acquires, develops, and maintains Community Solar projects throughout the USA. Founded in 2006, Nautilus is a leading owner-operator of distributed and utility scaled generation solar projects.
  • What’s your favorite thing about the work you do?
    Collaborating with others on a project team to work toward a common goal. When the right people get together, projects just flow smoothly. Collaboration is a beautiful thing.
  • How is Nautilus an innovative company?
    Nautilus Solar specializes in Community Solar projects around the USA. We strive to think out of the box to form new regional partnerships in development, land management, and progressive solar technologies.
  • Is Nautilus working on anything exciting for the next year?  
    Nautilus is growing its presence in multiple community solar markets, both existing and emerging, across the United States. We are excited to be a part of the Renewable Energy Industry!
  • Why did you choose/continue to choose KE as a solution?  
    Knobelsdorff continues to provide us with great staff to support our projects, which get completed on time and within budget. The quality of their work is excellent which demonstrates high attention to detail.
  • What is your favorite KE story?
    On one of my first projects to work with the KE field team, it was a brutally cold winter day. The KE electricians were on site working on inverter terminations.  Although the weather conditions were awful, the crew was happy to be there, happy for the quality work, and the job they were doing. We talked with them for a while, and they showed me their favorite pictures from the site. It’s great to work with good people, who are good at what they do, take pride in what they accomplish, and happily work together to complete projects, even in cold temperatures.
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