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Now Hiring: Control Panel Builder

We're seeking experienced people to join our team of Control Panel Builders. Those who value a strong company culture, collaborative team dynamic, and craftsmanship make ideal candidates for the role. Here's a little more background on the career opportunity and what the role entails. 

Control Panel Builder

Teamwork is essential at KE, and the role of Control Panel Builder is no different. While there's plenty of autonomy in the role, collaboration is critical.

The work stems from our process which in the case of control panels, is led by engineers and designers. That team drafts and sketches the control system, and hands it off to the Control Panel Builder to complete.

A good analogy is a model airplane kit. Designers draft the model's style and functionality in the plans and instructions for plane assembly. The Control Panel Builder takes the pieces and components and along with the plans, creates the model airplane.

After assembly, careful labeling, and ensuring the control panel is exact via the designs, it's entered into a QA process for quality assurance and testing before it's shipped to the job site or customer. The Control Panel Builder also has ownership over the packaging, shipping, and delivery of each panel built for complete job continuity and assurance of workflow. 


When it comes to Control Panel Builder qualifications, attention to detail and craftsmanship are two of the most sought-after skills. There's a lot of precision and tidiness required in panel building; it's a sequential, methodical process that requires focus and an analytical, problem-solving mindset. We refer to the job as almost an art form. Ownership of the process and workspace environment is inherent to the role as well. 

At Knobelsdorff, panel building is considered light manufacturing. The workspace is almost office-like with a very controlled atmosphere. The team dynamic is collaborative - again, teamwork is the root of our company. Management style is fairly easygoing with some flexibility of hours, however, the Control Panel Builder role is outcome-based which means there's an overall focus on getting the work done.

Work experience is considered mid- to junior-level, with plenty of on-the-job training and mentorship available. Ideally, we're seeking candidates with two to five years experience. Full list of Knobelsdorff career benefits listed here.


It’s important for our team to work together, communicate, and contribute to any and all projects in a collaborative way.

Here, quality work is about pride and ownership over the workflow process and completed projects. Thinking big picture for Control Panel Builders means seeing start to finish how the panels will be designed, built, shipped, installed, and ultimately, used in the application. The end user's satisfaction and experience are ultimately what KE prides itself on. We want to hire Control Panel Builders who care about quality panel work and the overall goal of the project.

One of the many things that make KE such a great place to work is the reputation our company has within the industry, with our clients, and within the communities we serve.

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