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Bushel Boy

Mason City, IA

Tools, skills and procedures to get a specialized job done.

Project Details


Greenhouse & Industrial

Construction Type

New Construction Design Build, Industrial

Services Performed

Electrical Design and Installation


100% Self-Performed by KE

Project Duration

July 2020 - December 2020

Summary of Work Performed

The Situation

Bushel Boy Farms, headquartered in Owatonna, MN, has grown greenhouse crops for more than 30 years. Their state-of-the-art greenhouse rooms contain the latest lighting and climate technology, providing the perfect growing environment. Rahr Malting, parent company of Bushel Boy, contacted KE about a new, high-tech 16.5-acre farm in Mason City, IA. KE had worked with Rahr in the past, and we were asked to perform electrical and engineering work for this new project.

The Solution

KE worked with Bushel Boy to utilize medium to high voltage power. Medium and high voltage are different from normal power distribution – it’s not only bigger, it’s more intense and requires a different startup procedure. Medium voltage is from 1,000 to 72,000 volts and high voltage is 72,500 to 230,000 volts.

This solution was recommended because it’s much more cost-effective to run medium to high voltage cables, which don’t require as many conduits and conductors to facilitate the power demand when utilizing medium to high voltage. But it also requires special tools, skilled labor and procedures, and there is a lack of qualified and trained electrical contractors equipped to perform medium to high voltage installations. At KE, however, we have what it takes to complete this type of installation.

KE also provided engineering, design, procurement, installation, start-up, and commissioning for:

  • 25KV MV distribution and 480V power distribution
  • Arc flash and coordination study for equipment
  • Grounding grids for two 25KV vacuum fault interrupters, one 2500KVA transformer and eight 1500KVA transformers
  • Two 25KV VFIs, one 2500KVA transformer, eight 1500KVA transformers, 4000A switchboard and eight 2500A switchboards
  • NETA testing for switchgears and transformers
  • Generator and automatic transfer switch with setup and testing
The Result

Conduits were buried deep underground, measured and electronically documented with smartphones, cameras and GPS mapping to accommodate future expansions. By running conduits underground, we limited the number of exposed pipes, reducing the risk of physical damage, deterioration, and overall future maintenance. KE met the needs of the job and put Bushel Boy in position to continue its growth in the future.

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