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Safety Program

Safety does not happen by chance. It is the result of careful attention to programs and processes that promote safety from all angles. Maintaining safe workplaces and workspaces is everyone’s common goal, and it is a vital part of every individual’s role at Knobelsdorff.

Safety Program

The Knobelsdorff Safety Program

Our written safety program meets the regulatory requirements of AWAIR (A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Act, Minnesota Statute 182.653). But when it comes to the Knobelsdorff Safety Program, meeting the statute is just the beginning. We’ve integrated safety protocols into our regular routine, and we promote a culture of safety throughout our company. We’re proud to boost a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.00 for 2021 and a three-year average of 0.181.

Each jobsite has a dedicated safety lead, but safety is not the responsibility of the safety lead, the expectation is set for all employees. We promise to always keep safety as the top priority, and we achieve this through a variety of measures:

  • Each jobsite has a dedicated safety coordinator who manages all safety activities, including work with outside vendors.
  • Safety goals are set with established accountability and are applied to not only KE, but our customers too.
  • If there is a known safety problem, we mitigate it immediately.
  • We have an established safety program which is implemented and maintained company wide.
  • By keeping up to date with any changes regarding safety and health, we have established a beneficial relationship with OSHA and insurance agencies.
  • All injuries are reported to the proper person and establishments.
  • Company-wide safety weekly calls.
  • Accident reports and safety activities are reviewed regularly with necessary changes made as needed.
  • All vehicle and driver files are managed and maintained regularly.
  • Safety equipment is readily available and in proper working condition.
  • First aid kits containing appropriate job supplies are provided to all jobsites and are inspected routinely to ensure they are fully stocked.
  • Safety equipment is always properly stored and maintained.
  • We plan and prepare for “Man-made” disasters.
  • Establishment of a medical program includes on-site first aid capabilities when able and off-site emergency medical care.
  • SDS sheets are provided, communicated and verified understood by all on site.
  • Our safety coordinators follow up on recommendations or mandates by outside safety inspectors.
  • Proper and safe job placement is a consideration for all employees.
  • All employees are provided access to the AWAIR safety manual and necessary safety training (including new employees).
  • Routine safety inspections are conducted on the job site and we conduct hazard analysis of existing facilities and operations.
  • A thorough investigation is conducted into any accidents and an incident report is completed.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of all implemented safety and health programs.
  • All employees have stop work authority. 
  • We take necessary steps to correct and eliminate safety hazards.
  • 100% assured compliance with government regulations regarding implemented safety and health programs (including OSHA, federal, state and local regulations)
OSHA Compliant
OSHA Compliant
Daily Job Hazard Analysis
Daily Job Hazard Analysis
Mandatory Training
Mandatory Training
Weekly Safety Meetings
Weekly Safety Meetings
Annual All-Hands Safety Summit
Annual All-Hands Safety Summit
One Recordable Incident in 5 Years
One Recordable Incident in 5+ Years

Weekly Safety Meetings

Every Thursday morning, KE holds an all-hands safety meeting. Local employees attend in person and those working in remote sites call in via a live feed video chat. During the meeting, we discuss any safety items, positive or negative, that took place on any of our job sites, at home, on the road, or throughout the construction industry. It’s a time for employees to openly discuss what happened so that others can learn from the experience.

Beyond the discussion, we also present safety-related material on topics like back safety, customer specific safety requirements, defensive driving, and PPE. All employees participate in presenting the material.

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

Prior to the start of each day’s work, we hold a JHA (job hazard analysis) meeting. All crew members take part in these meetings to perform a risk assessment and identify hazards associated with the scope of work, along with the mitigation techniques that will be used for those hazards. JHA meetings also ensure that crew members have the skillset to complete the assigned tasks in a safe and productive manner. Our crews understand that a quality JHA will save them time in the long run and ensure that everyone will go home safe at the end of the day.

Experience Modifications Rate (EMR)

Insurance providers judge companies through their EMR, and will detail the cost of previous injuries in order to determine the potential cost of future claims. Our EMR is no different and impacts the entire company - from reducing insurance costs to gaining more bids on work. At almost 25% below the national average, KE has one of the lowest EMR’s for electrical contractors in the United States!

By keeping our EMR low, we are maximizing our investment in our Safety Program. It starts with a strong safety plan, actionable steps to improve safety, and training to ensure that employees are safe on the job. The Knobelsdorff Safety Program sets attainable and realistic goals and continuously works with our employees and managers to lower the frequency and severity of injuries.

KE meeting on safety
KE Safety MeetingPerson Putting on Safety Gear

A Culture Of Safety

KE believes that safety is everyone’s responsibility and prioritizes employee opportunities to participate in safety-related training. At the beginning of 2019, KE conducted its annual week long safety, technical, and leadership training that nearly 100 employees participated in.

During that training, they covered topics such as:

  • OSHA Compliance
  • Confined Space
  • Lockout Tagout
  • First Aid / CPR / AED
  • Silica and Asbestos Awareness
  • Arc Flash / Arc Blast Protection
  • Competent Person
  • Fall Protection
  • Forklift-Telehandler Certification

We see employee buy-in strengthen each week at our safety meetings, where both newly hired employees and seasoned veterans openly discuss safety as it relates to their work. But we don’t just talk about safety - we live it - from our processes and culture to the services we offer our customers.

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