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Working In A Merit Shop

A merit shop is known for being based on competition, but what does that really mean? When it comes to industrial electrical jobs, a merit shop comes with a different set of opportunities. Sure, it's not for everyone, but it might be for you. So, what benefits set merit shops apart? Here are three: 

Competitive Wages

In a merit shop, wage increases are based on more than hours worked and years in a position. Employees are encouraged to grow and develop their skill sets, not only to better themselves but to increase their wages. Really, it just makes sense. When you work hard, develop new skills and provide more value to a company, that company can pay you a higher wage. That's how it works in a merit shop. 

Career Advancement

In a merit shop, employees advance in their positions based on performance. Advancement could result from your technical abilities, your interactions with customers, or any number of performance indicators. 

Similarly, your advancement options will be different working with a merit shop. Industrial electrician jobs typically follow a single path where promotions are marked by pre-set milestones, and there's little a person can do to change that. But in a merit shop, things are different. Your talents, your interests, and the projects that give you job satisfaction help define your path.

Opportunities for Overtime

An added benefit of merit shops is having the ability to put in overtime. A lot of the time, industrial electrical jobs are capped at forty hours each workweek. But, working in a merit shop is different. You have a say in whether or not you work over forty hours. 

While there's no shortage of industrial electrician jobs on the marketplace today, you get to choose the type of environment you'd like to work in. Do you have a strong work ethic? Do you enjoy growing and honing your skills? Do you want to make a wage that reflects your efforts? If you do, consider Knobelsdorff.

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