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Take Your Grain Automation from Pretty Good to Best in Class

Technology continues to play a critical role in the growth of the grain industry, paving the way for increased safety measures, throughput, compliance, and automation.  

Not all automated systems are treated equally.  

When you consider partnering with custom automation companies to build out new automation and control technology for your facility, any company you choose is going to give you a different experience. The Knobelsdorff process automation process is proven, and we know it forward and backward. The steps in our process include:  

  1. Site Evaluation and Discovery 
  2. Process Flow Mapping 
  3. Control System Design
  4. Control Panel Fabrication and Programming 
  5. Factory Acceptance Testing
  6. On-Site Installation   
  7. Startup and Commissioning (Including Hazmon)
  8. Site Training
  9. Ongoing Support and Maintenance   

Listen to what CEO/President Karl von Knobelsdorff has to say about bringing your facility's grain automation system to the next level. 

How automation can mitigate safety hazards and explosions.   

Installing hazard monitoring (HazMon) on required material handling equipment and having it tie back to an automated system significantly reduces safety hazards and potential explosions. Warnings can automatically shut off the feed of grain allowing the problem to clear, and alarms to automatically shut the affected piece of equipment down. Warnings and alarms are displayed as they come in, are cleared, and must be acknowledged by the operator. A fully automated system includes a historical record of alarms, providing valuable insight into past events, a critical piece of data in the instance of any incident.  

Seeing labor shortages?   

The labor shortage across the county is no surprise to many, and the question remains; will the competitive job market ever make it easier on employers? The answer is, unfortunately, not any time soon. A fully automated system allows grain elevators to reduce their reliance on the specialty skills of people, allowing the systems of today to run much more intuitively with fewer manual processes.     

Does your automation system have these benefits? A fully automated system offered by Knobelsdorff includes:  

  • Equipment Control
  • Automatic Routing
  • Commodity Verification  
  • Bin Inventory
  • Hazmon Integration
  • Security
  • Configuration and Ease of Use

Schedule a demo today to start the conversation. Let’s get to work.


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